Martin Rev

Martin Rev (full name Martin Reverby, born December 18, 1947) is an American musician and the instrumentalist in the rock band Suicide. He also has a solo career and has released several solo albums for a number of labels, including ROIR and Puu. His style varies widely from release to release, from electronic no wave (Martin Rev) to bubblegum pop (See Me Ridin, Strangeworld) to heavy synthesizer rock (To Live).

Rev also works with Stefan Roloff, doing soundtracks for Roloff’s video work. He contributed to the Raveonettes‘ 2005 album, Pretty in Black.

In 2008, while Martin was working on Stigmata, his wife Mari died. The album, dedicated to her, is strong in religious imagery[citation needed] with most songs being titled in Latin. Kris Needs called the album a „brilliantly executed excursion into modern electronic classical music“.

In 2008, Blast First Petite released Suicide: 1977–1978, a 6-CD box-set.